WPT Prague Day 1a – Firsau Takes Early Lead

Poker chips

Prague is the place to be that’s for sure, what with the European Poker Tour and now the World Poker Tour hosting events in the Czech Republic capital city. The WPT Prague kicked off today at noon with Day 1a and saw 40 players sitting at the felt in order to try and progress into Day2.

Only 23 of them managed to do just that but the players who were eliminated can still have as many as three more chances if they can afford it. This is because this is a re-entry event and the players can buy into Day 1b, Day 1c or even at the start of Day 2.

By the time Day 1a came to a close it was WPT Paris runner up Vasili Firsau who headed the chip counts with a stack of 167,700 being bagged and tagged at the end of the day.

He will be joined into Day 2 by the likes of Kara Scott, Micah Raskin and Paul Tedeschi who were some the biggest names in this event, whilst each of them will now have two days off before they return to the felt.


Among those who faltered on Day 1a were Seth Berger, Marvin Rettenmaier and Simon Ravensbaek, as each of them are now having to consider dipping back into their pockets and re-entering into the event tomorrow afternoon. Rettenmaier was actually eliminated in one of the very last hands of the day.

We will be following this event right until the very end so make sure you check in with us as we try and keep up with all of this poker action that is going down in Prague right now. Day 1b will be starting at the same time of 12pm in Prague and will see more players entering in the hope of making it through to Day 2.

The Current Top Ten*

1st) Vasili Firsau – 167,700

2nd) Andrey Vlasenko – 139,000

3rd) Andrey Shatilov – 93,200

4th) Joachim Hein – 75,400

5th) Kara Scott – 61,800

6th) Micah Raskin – 61,000

7th) Fedor Stadtrucker – 57,500

8th) Wojciech Lozowski – 54,800

9th) Petr Jelinek – 45,325

10th) Atanas Gueorguiev – 44,000

(* At time of writing)