WPT Rolling Thunder Day 3 – Pham Leads Final Table Of 6

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The World Poker Tour Rolling Thunder has now found itself right at the business end of proceedings after Day 3 of the event brought the field down from 24 players to the final table of six. Those six will now play just one more day later today in order to establish just which of them will be the new WPT champion.

The action started off at a furious rate and it really did not take too long to get down to just the remaining seven players but after that the pace slowed down emphatically. It took almost 100 hands before the bubble boy Ryan D’Angelo was eliminated to leave just the final table of six.

The player that is leading at the moment is Quoc Pham after an impressive performance at the felt brought him a chip count of 5,580,000 come the end of the day. He leads the likes of Preston Harwell, Mimi Luu and 2013 November Niner JC Tran.

Tran is easily the biggest name on this final table but even for him this is a big task with him sitting with the second smallest stack on that final table. Anything can happen though and if there is one man with the experience and knowhow to pull out a victory it is him.

Day 3 saw the elimination of the likes of Chad Eveslage, Dylan Hortin, Keven Stammen, James Calderaro and the final table bubble boy Ryan D’Angelo.


The final table will be televised and will start at 12.30pm PT later today and will play out until we have just the winner remaining. To discover just who that player is, pop in and see us tomorrow for our final report on this event.

The Final Table Chip Counts

1st) Quoc Pham – 5,580,000

2nd) Preston Harwell – 4,425,000

3rd) Benjamin Zamani – 1,990,000

4th) Mimi Luu – 735,000

5th) JC Tran – 710,000

6th) Ken Jorgensen – 510,000

What They Will Battle For

1st) $302,750

2nd) $200,030

3rd) $127,140

4th) $100,240

5th) $80,130

6th) $60,180

With this event now finished the players will no doubt be turning their attentions to the EPT Vienna which starts up next week. We will be following those events so be sure to stay tuned.