WPT To Go To China!

empty poker table

The World Poker Tour has announced that are going to be bringing tournament poker to China for the very first time. The World Poker Tour National China which is being run in cooperation with Beijing Ourgame Ltd is to be hosted by the MGM Grand Sanya Resort and is scheduled to start on December the 14th and run until the 17th.

The event is set to run for four days and will have a player cap at 500; WPT’s Executive Tour Director Matt Savage will be the man responsible for running the whole tournament.

The CEO of the World Poker Tour Steve Heller said “The World Poker Tour National China Tournament Sanya just further shows the growing popularity of our WPT events whether they are national or regional, we provide players from anywhere on the planet to have the opportunity to take part in world class tournaments that are affordable”

“We are extremely excited with the potential that this tournament has, particularly because there are literally thousands of players in China who are unable to play in tournaments of this size due to having to travel across the country.” He then added “The WPT National China Tournament Sanya is filling that hole for players, we are giving the Chinese poker community the opportunity to take part in a massive new event and we hope it will lead to many WPT events here in the future”.

Beijing Ourgame Ltd CEO Frank Ng also expressed his excitement by saying “We are delighted and extremely excited to be able to hold the first ever World Poker Tour tournament in China. We are the biggest online play money card game and board game platform and we are able to boast over 300 million registrations, which means we are the leader here in regards to games such as Texas Hold’em”

He then went on “By holding this tournament we hope to be able to introduce some of our players to a high quality live poker tournament format and we believe that together with the WPT we can achieve that”

There will be 60,000 players all competing online just to be able to win a seat at this event that just shows how popular it is, poker is growing in popularity by the day in China.

Texas Hold’em is booming in China and though online poker is illegal, casino based tournaments are allowed. This means that there is a massive amount of players that are simply unable to play on a large scale. The WPT hopes to be able to change that shortfall dependent on how successful this first event is.