WSOP Big One For One Drop Episodes 5&6

Video camera lens

We yesterday brought you episodes 2, 3 and 4 of the World Series of Poker Big One For One Drop coverage that has been released by ESPN. Well we have returned for a final time to bring you the final two episodes that reveal which of the players were fortunate enough to walk away with some profit on the $1 million they had initially paid to take part in the event.

The event originally began with 42 players that parted ways with a $1 million buy-in but that number has been significantly reduced to just nine that began on episode 5 of the coverage. Just eight of those players would make the money which meant that the first player to be eliminated would be the world’s most expensive bubble boy of the year with finishing just one place away from a $1.3 million payout.

As it turned out, episode five finished with just the three players that would then take part in the final episode. This was after some dramatic hands as the coverage showed some of the very best of them, including the much talked about hand where Scott Seiver somehow managed to make Tobias Reinkemeier fold pocket aces when holding just a straight draw.

Other great action included British amateur player Paul Newey managing to make the money despite coming in as the short stack at the start of play. He managed to make two successive double ups before another player was eliminated on the bubble. This not only saved him $1 million but also gave him a tidy profit of at least $300k.

The final episode concentrates on the remaining three players, showing the very best of the action before finally revealing to us who the winner of the WSOP Big One For One Drop was. Most of you will know how it all turned out but just in case some do not, we will not mention which player finished up more than $15 million richer.

The videos last 45 minutes each and are full of the intense and high quality poker that you would expect from a tournament of this stature and with the amount of money that there is up for grabs for the players.

Check them both out below, you will certainly not be disappointed.