WSOP Champ Riess Hits The Hoops For Charity


Life has changed quite drastically for Ryan Riess, which is something that you would expect after winning the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event for $8,361,570. He like many others before him have become something of a celebrity in America and his one of his latest exploits show that he has his heart in the right place after taking part in a charity basketball event.

He was one along with another 26 celebrities to take part in the 3rd annual Josh Hutcherson Celebrity basketball Game in Los Angeles. The game was the central part of the Nike 3ON3 tournament that was held in order to raise money and awareness for the ‘Straight but not Narrow’ charity.

Josh Huctherson, for those that may not be aware was the male lead in the ‘Hunger Games’ movies and is a staunch supporter of the charity this game was played out for.

This game was put into action for one reason only, to gain awareness and raise money for the charity that works at educating youngsters on how to help support their LGBT peers.

By all means, Reiss played very well and his team actually won 78-55. We are not yet sure how many points he scored or whether he got any at all but as you know, it is the taking part that counts. He was teamed with former American Football player Terrell Owens, actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Josh Huctherson himself and a bunch of other well known names.

The whole occasion looks like it was great for those that attended and a great workout for the celebrities that took part. As you can see from below, Riess himself had been looking forward to it for quite some time.

His day finally came and he was kind enough to share his experiences of the game through Twitter. It looks like he had a fantastic time and is genuine happy to have been a part of a charity that is so important to many people. He will now have to get his poker game in good shape now too, with the poker season really about to kick off with the European Poker Tour starting up very soon. We are pretty certain he will be taking part in a few events there as he looks to continue building his reputation in the game.