WSOP Circuit Bossier City Main Event Day 1


Saturday night saw Day 1 at the World Series Of Poker Circuit Bossier City Main Event reach is completion. There were two separate flights in total which brought a combined total of 396 players with 238 taking part in Day 1a and 158 in Day 1b. From all of those starters though, only 130 of them actually made it into Day 2 with the chip leader being Caufman Talley who amassed 264,700.

Tally has been on a really good run of form having already winning the 9th event of the tournament for a payout of $40,319, so he has been full of confidence in this event too. In the middle of Day 1 he managed to get past the 100k marker and hasn’t looked back since. In that hand he managed to get all of his opponents chips into the middle whilst holding pocket kings. His opponent held pocket jacks and the community cards came out as 3s-5s-4d-5h-8h to win him the pot.

The Chasing Pack!

Though Talley has the lead at the moment he will know that there are a very strong bunch of players chasing him down, specifically with Bradley Lipsey holding 208k, Charles Moore sitting with 188,800, Jay Diaz who has amassed 144,800 and Abraham Araya who has a comfortable 137,800.

The reigning champion is still in the hunt too, David Nicholson won this event last year and currently has 100k to his name here. In one particular hand he decided to call an all-in from an opponent holding pocket tens, his opponent had Kd-Qs and the board allowed him to hold his advantage as it came down Jh-7s-Ad-2s-7c.

Another player still in with a chance going into Day 2 is Mark Burford; this was down in large part to a massive hand he won right at the end of Day 1b. A flop of Ks-As-8h led to three players going all-in with one of them being Burford. He was holding the Qs-Js and was drawing to a straight, flush and even the royal flush. Keith Lehr would have known that his 5s-3s was never going to win even if the flush did come in and Mo Kahn holding the 10s-6s. This means that there were only 5 spades remaining and if one did come in it meant that Burford would win.

It didn’t come in as the 2c and Qh hit on the turn and river respectively meaning that Burford still won, just by matter of holding a higher card than his opponents.

Day 2 promises to bring us even more high class action, so make sure you keep coming back to stay updated.