WSOP Circuit Bossier Main Event Day 3 – Gibralter Takes Title

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The final day of the World Series Of Poker Circuit Bossier City Main Event has finally come to an end with Jeff Gibralter starting and finishing the day as the chip leader. He won the title, the first place prize of $133,648, a seat at the end of season National Championship, a gold World Series Of Poker Circuit ring and the bragging rights.

There were 11 players that came into the day hoping to achieve what Gibralter did and the action got off at a lightening pace with 6 of them being eliminated in just the first two levels. However once they were gone the pace slowed down considerably with just the four players remaining.

That first elimination on the final table happened when Jim Parker decided to put all of his chips into the middle with Cliff Fisher deciding to make the call. Parker was pushing with pocket sevens whilst Fisher was hoping to connect with the Ad-Qc. Unluckily for Parker, whilst his opponent didn’t hit one of his over cards the board ran out 10s-Jd-Js-6c-10d which meant that his pocket sevens were now worthless and fisher one by virtue of the ace high.

Araya Eliminates Two At Once!

Next we lost both Jesse Maupin and Mark Burford in the same hand when they both moved all-in followed by Araya. They each had fairly similar chips stacks with Maupin holding the pocket kings; Burford the tens and Araya just pocket deuces.

Amazingly Araya won the hand when the board showed Ad-5h-Qh-2d-6s; he hit the deuce and eliminated both of his opponents.

Next to go were Pete Rios and Seneca Easley in sixth and fifth respectively which left us with just the final four plays to battle it out. These guys kept at it for more than two hours before the next elimination occurred. It was in fact Araya who was next to head for the exits as he was outdone by Gibralter’s pocket tens whilst holding the Ks-6c.

This left Gibralter holding a massive chip lead with just three players remaining, which led to Fisher attempting to make a move by moving all-in pre-flop. Jay Diaz called immediately and showed pocket aces much to the despair of Fisher who had pocket fours. The community came down as Ac-10s-4s-9h-10c and the event was over for Fisher.

The final hand of the event came when both players saw the flop after matching the 125k; the flop was the 10h-8h-3d. Gibralter checked and Diaz put a further 125k into the middle, Gibralter was waiting for that and pushed all his chips into the middle. Diaz called with the Qc-8d and Gibralter showed the Kc-10d which put him in front.

The turn sealed the event for Gibralter when it came down the 10d with the river of Ac not being needed.

Final Standings:

1 Jeff Gibralter $133,648

2 Jay Diaz $82,590

3 Cliff Fisher $60,349

4 Abraham Araya $44,809

5 Seneca Easley $33,789

6 Pete Rios $25,861

7 Jesse Maupin $20,084

8 Mark Burford $15,819

9 Jim Parker $12,636