Crawford Leads After WSOPC Horseshoe Hammond ME Day 2

The second day of the World Series Of Poker Circuit Event Horseshoe Hammond Main Event has now come to a close with the new chip leader being Claudia Crawford who holds 3.426 million in chips.She has a fairly large lead over her closest rival too of around 750k chips, which puts her in an excellent position going into Day 3.

Other notable players who will be joining Crawford into Day 3 include Brad Alnwick, Trip Kirk, Josh Williams and the ever talkative James Henson.

As Day 2 started there were the 320 players that survived from Day 1, whilst there were an extra twelve that had decided to re-buy back into the event. However by the end of the day, that total of 332 players was whittled right down to just 29 left going into Day 3.

The Mizrachi Brothers Out – Again!

Two of the twelve players to buy back in on Day 2 for starting chips that were worth a little less than ten big blinds were the Mizrachi brothers Michael and Robert. It proved to be an expensive mistake as they were both eliminated in quick fashion.

Phillip Liou had been leading this event at one point; however his fortune switched the other way on Day 2 as he was sent to the rail late on in the day. He was just one of many elimination’s on crazy days worth of action; we lost Kathy Liebert, Ty Reiman, Jonathon Tamayo, Mukul Pahuja, Ryan Lenaghan, Aaron Steury, Ryan Julius and Blair Hinkle to name some of the more notable players.

Crawford’s Rise To The Top!

Crawford really started her move on the top positions during the middle of the day when she managed to eliminate James Nelson whilst she was holding the Ac-Jc, Nelson was holding the Ad-3c when he pushed all-in pre-flop. Crawford called and the community cards came down as Kc-Js-5c-Kd-10s giving her the pot of 775k chips.

This set her on her way and she kept up her momentum to finish as the events chip leader going into Day 3.

The remaining 29 will all be back in action today at 1pm local time, with all of them hoping to make the final table and potentially be crowned the champion. So to keep right up to date, join us again tomorrow as we bring you the full report on what happened.


The Current Top Ten!

1 Claudia Crawford 3,426,000

2 Brad Albrinck 2,710,000

3 Josh Williams 1,950,000

4 James Henson 1,635,000

5 Tripp Kirk 1,512,000

6 Joshua Reichard 1,432,000

7 Shiva Dudani 1,399,000

8 Ryan Riess 1,159,000

9 Rob Zazay 1,155,000

10 Nick Grippo 1,076,000