WSOPC Horseshoe Hammond Main Event – Williams Wins Title

After a mammoth final day at the World Series Of Poker Circuit Horseshoe Hammond Main Event, Josh Williams finally took the title and the $385,909 first place prize. The day went on for a total of 18 hours to get from just 29 players to the last man standing.

As the day began the remaining 29 survivors made their way back to the felt, with many of them knowing that this could perhaps be a long shift at the tables. Initially though, things started off at a frantic pace, which gave everybody a glimmer of hope at the prospect of the day running out quickly.

We first lost two players fairly quickly in Matt Newcombe and then Ralph Massey before the players all shifted on to the remaining three tables. As soon as that happened we lost a flurry of players with 17 of them being removed from the tournament through the space of around 3 hours.

We were then down to the remaining 10 players who moved to the unofficial final table to await the first elimination so that the “official” final table could be set.

Claudia Crawford was actually chip leader in this tournament on the first Day, yet this was a difficult period for her as she was now the short stack in 10th place. She finally went out as the final table bubble girl after being eliminated by Tripp Kirk.

As the final wore on we lost Shiva Dudani, Nick Guagenti and Shiva Dudani before the table started to really slow down. Bruce Albrinck was next to go after actually having the chip lead at one point

As we finally found ourselves with the final three players, it would be a long while to go until heads up with all three of them battling it out for three hours. Chips were swapping hands and none of the players were willing to leave.

Eventually they headed for a break and decided amongst themselves to shorten the blinds to 15 minute intervals to help speed at the game. This certainly worked and it wasn’t long before we were down to just Ryan Reiss and Josh Williams.

Heads up didn’t last too long either as Williams had a fairly significant lead by this point. The final hand occurred when Reiss bluffed the hand all-in on the turn of community cards showing as Qh-7s-4h-Ks, Williams made a brave call holding the 7c-3s and was delighted when his hand held on the river of 8h to give him the title, the ring and a seat in the WSOP National Championships.

The Final Standings:

1 Josh Williams 385,909

2 Ryan Riess 239,063

3 Tripp Kirk 180,403

4 Sean Szurko 137,088

5 Zal Irini 104,371

6 Brad Albrinck 80,179

7 Shiva Dudani 62,438

8 Nick Guagenti 49,075

9 Erik Roussakis 39,168

10 Claudia Crawford 31,565