WSOP Day 25 – No New Bracelets Awarded

dice cards and chips

The action continued at the 2014 World Series of Poker last night with five events running alongside each other. We were supposed to reveal one bracelet winner today but due to the event running out of time, the final three players will be returning tomorrow to finish off their bracelet hunting business.

Despite no bracelets being won, there was still plenty of action to talk about, all of which you can read about below.

Event #39 – $3k NLHE Day 3 Schindler Leads Going Into Extra Day

Event #39 at the World Series of Poker has joined the list of a few events that have needed an extra day to deliver its winner. There were 26 players that came back to the felt for Day 3 but after ten levels a winner could not be established with there still being three remaining in the event. Jacob Schindler leads that trio with 3,860,000 chips but this is certainly not over yet.

The Current Standings

1st) Jacob Schindler – 3,860,000

2nd) Ryan Jaconetti – 3,410,000

3rd) Sean Dempsey – 1,660,000

Event#40 – $10k Heads Up Championship Day 2 – Two To Fight For Bracelet

The $10k Heads Up Championship will also deliver a bracelet tomorrow, with its destination being to either Davide Suriano or Sam Stein. Both players managed to advance to the final day after a tough Day 2 saw them navigate past the other 14 hopefuls.

The Current Standings

Davide Suriano – 3,840,000

Sam Stein – 3,840,000

Event #41 – $1.5k Dealer’s Choice Day 2 – Mizrachi Leads 10

This event should also bring a bracelet tomorrow if all goes well and right now it is looking like it could be Michael Mizrachi to claim it. He currently leads with 390,500 but will have to fend off the likes of Aaron Schaff, Frank Kassela and Jennifer Harman to do it.

The Current Standings

1st) Robert Mizrachi – 390,500

2nd) Aaron Schaff – 332,000

3rd) Daniel Idema – 260,000

4th) Arthur Morris – 204,500

5th) Bill Chen – 185,500

6th) Shane Abbott – 157,500

7th) Frank Kassela – 153,000

8th) Marco Johnson – 87,000

9th) Jen Harman – 60,500

10th) Melissa Burr – 55,500

Event #42 – $5k 6-Handed PLO Day 1 – Kitai Takes Early Lead

Two more events started up yesterday with this being the first of them. It attracted 452 players for Day 1 of the event but that number was drastically reduced to just 96. They will return for Day 2 with Davidi Kitai leading the chip counts with a tally of 308,300.

The Current Standings

1st) Davidi Kitai – 308,300

2nd) Brandon Crawford – 202,900

3rd) Kory Kilpatrick – 202,000

4th) Brant Hale – 189,200

5th) Mike Gorodinsky – 186,600

6th) Scott Bohlman – 154,050

7th) Attilio Donato – 149,100

8th) Brian Rast – 147,900

9th) Jose Obadia – 146,300

10th) Mike Watson – 135,700

Event #43 – $1.5k Limit Hold’em Day 1 – Mannoni Makes Best Start

The final event of the day was Day 1 of Event #43. 135 players bought in for a chance of a bracelet but come the end of the day it was Paul Mannoni leading the remaining 135 of them with 60,900. The players will return again for Day 2 and will try to make it to the final table.

The Current Standings

1st) Paul Mannoni – 60,900

2nd) Matthew Davenport – 58,700

3rd) Rob O’Shea                 – 57,000

4th) Michael Lynn – 55,400

5th) Eric Bensamochan – 50,000

6th) Mike Laing – 47,900

7th) Allyn Jaffrey Shulman – 47,300

8th) Berry Johnston – 41,900

9th) Brandon Shack-Harris – 39,400

10th) Shawn Roberts – 39,100