WSOP Day 26 – Dempsey, Suriano, Mizrachi Win

Three aces

We are sure there would have been a hangover or two for some of the players taking part on Day 26 of the WSOP after the famous EDC music festival was again back in action the night before. Despite that there were three new winners of a 2014 WSOP bracelet and a whole host of other action on display.

Event #39 – $3k NLHE Day 4 Dempsey Wins Second Bracelet

As you know this event required an extra day to complete and saw the final three players battle it out until we had just Sean Dempsey with all of the chips, the title, WSOP bracelet and $548,460 first place payout. That means he now has two WSOP bracelets to his name.

The Final Standings

1st) Sean Dempsey – $548,460

2nd) Ryan Jaconetti – $339,440

3rd) Jacob Schindler – $212,373

4th) Ryan Olisar – $154,148

5th) Ryan Laplante – $113,796

6th) Nam Le – $85,307

7th) Layne Flack – $64,887

8th) Takashi Yagura – $50,019

9th) Andrew Becker – $39,078

10th) Clyde Walters – $30,927

Event #40 – $10k Heads Up Championship Day 3 – Fist Bracelet For Suriano

Day 3 of the $10k Heads Up Championship started with just the two remaining players that would go head to head for the title. They started with an equal amount of chips but it was Davide Suriano that finished the day with all of them and his first ever WSOP bracelet.

The Final Standings

1st) Davide Suriano – $335,553

2nd) Sam Stein – $207,347

3rd) Daniel Colman – $111,942

4th) Scott Davies – $111,942

5th) Scott Baumstein – $54,736

6th) Ankush Mandavia – $54,736

7th) Tommy Chen – $54,736

8th) Dee Tiller – $54,736

9th) Serkan Kurnaz – $26,584

10th) Daniel Negreanu – $26,584

Event #41 – $1.5k Dealers Choice Day 3 – Robert Mizrachi Gets Second Bracelet

The inaugural Dealers Choice event at the WSOP was a huge success and extremely popular among the players. Robert Mizrachi will be the happiest of them though after he took down the bracelet event and the $147,092 that was on offer for the winner.

The Final Standings

1st) Robert Mizrachi – $147,092

2nd) Aaron Schaff – $90,854

3rd) Shane Abbott – 58,414

4th) Bill Chen – $38,735

5th) Daniel Idema – $26,444

6th) Frank Kassela – $18,575

Event #42 – $5k 6-Handed PLO Day 2 – Laak Leads Strong Field Of 13

There are now just 13 players remaining in this event going into Day 3 and it is Phil Laak that is sat right at the top of the chip counts. He has 1,087,000 but has notables such as Sorel Mizzi looking to challenge for the bracelet.

The Current Standings

1st) Phil Laak – 1,087,000

2nd) Joseph Leung – 818,000

3rd) Sorel Mizzi – 735,000

4th) Ryan Schmidt – 720,000

5th) Brant Hale – 583,000

6th) Darius Studdard – 555,000

7th) Michael Drummond – 546,000

8th) Demis Hassabis – 515,000

9th) Richard Ashby – 426,000

10th) Kory Kilpatrick – 333,000

Event #43 – $1.5k Limit Holdem Day 2 – Kelly Leads Final Table

Day 2 of this event would see 118 players return to the felt and play down until there were the nine that would contest the final table. Dan Kelly finished the day with the chip lead and a pretty substantial chip lead it was too. If he can continue this momentum on Day 3 there is a good chance that he will get his hands on a bracelet.

The Current Standings

1st) Dan Kelly – 734,000

2nd) David Chiu – 473,000

3rd) Sean Berrios – 373,000

4th) Yegor Tsurikov – 361,000

5th) Jesse Katz – 294,000

6th) Brandon Shack-Harris – 269,000

7th) Jeff Lisandro – 177,000

8th) Ron Burke – 166,000

9th) Bryce Landier – 112,000

Event #44 – $1.5k NLHE Day 1 – Johnson In Front

The final event of the day was a new one that brought in 1,914 players, all of whom were looking to win a WSOP bracelet. Jason Johnson found himself leading the remaining 212 players left in the event at the end of Day 1 with 150,900 chips and will now be confident of making a deep run.

The Current Standings

1st) Jason Johnson – 150,900

2nd) Louis Laxineta – 111,600

3rd) Kennii Nguyen – 108,000

4th) Ray Foley – 105,600

5th) Robert Georato – 103,600

6th) Theo Tran – 103,300

7th) Andrew Shack – 99,400

8th) Vinicus Teixeira De Silva – 96,700

9th) Randal Flowers – 94,400

10th) John Twyman – 93,800