WSOP Day 31 – Hennigan Scoops Third Bracelet

Rio Las Vegas

31 days down and we still have plenty of poker action to keep us busy at the World Series of Poker. Day 31 brought us a mega field in the Monster Stack and a new triple bracelet winner after John Hennigan won the Poker Players Championship.

Event #46 – $50k Poker Players Championship Day 5 – Heenigan Gets His 3rd

The final table of this prestigious event at the World Series of Poker was crammed full of notable players and proved us pure entertainment before John Hennigan went on to claim his third career WSOP bracelet. He also pocketed $1,517,767 for his efforts after seeing off Brandon Shack-Harris during heads up.

The Final Standings

1st) John Hennigan – $1,517,767

2nd) Brandon Shack-Harris – $937,975

3rd) Jesse Martin – $594,570

4th) Abe Mosseri – $402,696

5th) Chun Lei “samrostan” Zhou – $286,122

6th) Frank Kassela – $212,829

7th) Melissa Burr – $165,435

8th) Allen Kessler – $134,101

Event #48 – $1.5k PLO Hi/Lo Day 3 – Patterson Claims 1st Bracelet

Scott Clements looked right on course to take home his third WSOP bracelet in this event and managed to see off every other player in the tournament apart from Tyler Patterson who went on to win his first bracelet. He also took home the winners payout of $270,992, the title and the honour of being a WSOP winner.

The Final Standings

1st) Tyler Patterson – $270,992

2nd) Scott Clements – $167,686

3rd) Cody Crawford – $104,914

4th) Jeff Madsen               – $76,150

5th) Gary Kosakowski – $56,216

6th) Tom Schneider – $42,142

7th) Derek Raymond – $32,054

8th) J.R. Flournoy – $24,710

9th) Dylan Wilkerson – $19,305

Event #49 – $5k NLHE Day 2 – Morris Leading 23

Day 2 of this event saw the 204 players that successfully navigated their way out of Day 1 once again have to try and repeat that performance once again to get into Day 3. Just 23 of them managed to do that with Margareta Morris having the best of days after turning her stack into the chip lead.

The Current Standings

1st) Margareta Morris – 805,000

2nd) John Dolan – 719,000

3rd) Timur Margolin – 647,000

4th) Jason Koon – 616,000

5th) Kevin MacPhee – 601,000

6th) Jean Gaspard – 600,000

7th) Jeremy Kottler – 595,000

8th) Blake Bohn 582,000

9th) Oliver Price – 548,000

10th) Manig Loeser – 493,000

Event #50 – $1.5k 8-Game Mix Day 2 – Ivey Looking Strong

Day 2 of the $1.5k 8-Game tournament was also completed on Day 31 of the WSOP and it has now brought the field down from the 106 that began the day to the 14 that will return once more to fight for the bracelet. Dan Heimiller is currently leading that field but with Phil Ivey sitting in 3rd place he will not be feeling overly confident just yet.

The Current Standings

1st) Dan Heimiller – 227,000

2nd) Aaron Steury – 226,000

3rd) Phil Ivey – 220,500

4th) Yuebin Guo                 – 211,500

5th) Christoph Haller – 210,500

6th) Bruce Yamron – 206,500

7th) Devin Looney – 205,000

8th) Stephen Chidwick – 174,000

9th) Daniel Negreanu – 132,500

10th) Amnon Filippi – 117,500

Event #51 NLHE Monster Stack Day 1a/1b – Huge Field Requires Two Flights

The Monster Stack event attracted such a crowd that they had to implement two starting day flights as more than 7,000 players wanted to take part. They could only seat 4,020 so decided to run an extra flight.

Both Day 1a and Day 1b were played out on the same day in this event, with the survivors from each coming to come together for the first time on Day 2 later today. Matt Weber came out on top of a Day 1a field that began with 4,020 and finished with an amount that is unknown of right now. He finished with 136,300 chips to put him a good position for Day 2.

John Monnette was the player that finished with the chip lead however after his haul of 152,000 on Day 1b was enough to see him top. 3,764 players took part on the second flight and it will take some time for the organisers to establish how many of them made it into Day 2.

Combined Top Ten

1st) John Monnette – 152,000

2nd) Alexander Ziskin – 139,800

3rd) Matt Weber – 136,300

4th) Jonathan Luckett – 110,800

5th) Javier Swett – 109,600

6th) Jordan Young – 105,000

7th) Zachary Gruneberg – 104,500

8th) Gabe Paul – 96,600

9th) Jamie Kerstetter – 88,800

10th) Griffin Benger – 87,700


Event #52 – $10k Limit Hold’em Championship Day 1 – Shei Early Leader

The final event of the day saw the start of this $10k Limit Championship. It attracted a healthy field full of notable players totalling 112 and saw that number reduced to 72 by the end of play on Day 1. Kenny Shei was the most successful after notching up a stack of 118,400 but he has the likes of Antonio Esfandiari not too far behind.

The Current Standings

1st) Kenny Shei – 118,400

2nd) Jeff Thompson – 109,600

3rd) David Chiu – 102,900

4th) Antonio Esfandiari – 99,200

5th) Greg Debora – 96,700

6th) Brian Tate – 96,500

7th) Vincent Gironda – 96,300

8th) Roland Israelashvili – 84,000

9th) Matt Szymaszek – 81,700

10th) Matt Szymanszek – 81,000