WSOP Day 36 – Not Many Events Left To Go

stacks of chips

We are now approaching the Main Event of the World Series of poker after we saw events through 58-61 played out yesterday and though they are still not completed, this leaves just four more until the illustrious Main Event.

The only bracelet to be awarded yesterday was that of the one given to Dan Colman in the ‘Big One For One Drop’, which we have a separate article for. There were no other bracelets in the other events played but you can expect some more tomorrow.

Event #58 – $1.5k Mixed-Max NLHE Day 2 – Jaffee With big Lead

Jared Jaffee is the man leading the field going into Day 3 of this event after an impressive Day 2 performance saw him amass a chip count of 1,583,000. He is the only player with more than a million and will be looking to use that advantage to help him nail down a WSOP bracelet tomorrow.

The Current Standings

1st) Jared Jaffee – 1,583,000

2nd) Mark Herm – 927,000

3rd) Brandon Cantu – 918,000

4th) Xiao Peng – 654,000

5th) Joseph Alban – 594,000

6th) Jeff Gross – 550,000

7th) Gustavo Kamei – 437,000

8th) Mike Watson – 388,000

9th) Anton Smirnov – 381,000

10th) Michael Coleman – 200,000

Event #59 – $3k Omaha Hi/Lo Day 2- Williams Leads Remaining 20

Day 2 of this event brought us ever closer to another bracelet winner after another long session at the felt for the players that had progressed from Day 1. There were 180 that began the day but just 20 that finished it, with David Williams sitting in the top spot with 500,000 chips.

The Current Standings

1st) David Williams – 500,000

2nd) Joe Mitchell – 406,000

3rd) Matt Glantz – 396,000

4th) Sun Kwak – 340,000

5th) Scott Abrams – 254,000

6th) Brett Richey – 249,000

7th) Ismael Bojang – 238,000

8th) John D’Agostino – 209,000

9th) Phillip Hui – 194,000

10th) Melissa Burr – 189,000

Event #60 – $1.5k NLHE Day 1 – Kolla Leading Day 1 Survivors

The first of two new events to start on Day 36 of the World Series of Poker was this $1.5k NLHE which attracted a field of 2,563 players. The majority of those were eliminated on Day 1 leaving just 380 progressing into Day 2. Chris Kolla was the happiest of those after notching up 130,300 but he will know that it is still early doors and has plenty to do to make a deep run.

The Current Standings

1st) Chris Kolla – 130,300

2nd) Yaron Zeev Malki – 126,000

3rd) Ty Reiman – 125,400

4th) Takuya Suzuki – 117,000

5th) Ronnie Wright – 116,300

6th) Ramana Epparla – 110,500

7th) Gavin Orourke – 105,500

8th) Andreas Corneliusson – 104,900

9th) Cherish Andrews – 96,600

10th) Dan Murariu – 96,000

Event #61 – $10k 7-Card Stud Championship Day 1 – Yu Leading

This event started up yesterday and attracted a notable field of 102 players and ended after 9 levels with just 57 of them heading into Day 2. Leading that field was Ben Yu who topped the chip counts with 126,600 but he has the likes of Todd Brunson and James Obst not too far behind him.

The Current Standings

1st) Ben Yu – 126,600

2nd) James Obst – 120,700

3rd) Adam Friedman – 116,000

4th) Henrik Hecklen – 114,000

5th) Nikolai Losev – 113,000

6th) Oxana Cummings – 108,500

7th) Steven Landfish – 104,100

8th) Jesse Martin – 92,900

9th) Todd Brunson – 91,900

10th) Freddie Ellis – 90,000