WSOP Day 38 – Main Event Starts Tomorrow

stacks of chips

We have now seen all of the events either completed or started up at this year’s World Series of Poker apart from the one that everyone has been waiting for. The Main Event will kick off tomorrow at 12pm local time in Las Vegas and will play out for 10 scheduled days before the final table has been set.

We will update you on that event each and every day but until then we still have a number of events to be completed. One of those was completed today with a bracelet being awarded whilst the others saw their fields further reduced.

Event #60 – $1.5k NLHE Day 3- Another Day Required

This event will need one more day to reveal its bracelet winner after both Brandon Hall and Salman Jaddi spent more than three hours during heads up without one of the going on to win. Both players will now have a nights rest before battling it out for one last time.

The Current Standings

1st) Salman Jaddi – 6,820,000

2nd) Brandon Hall – 4,725,000

Event #61 – $10k 7-Card Stud Championship Day 3 – Grapenthien Wins Bracelet

This event did give us a bracelet winner. It went to Matt Grapenthien after he and Todd Brunson had made it to heads up where they would swap the chip lead a total of six times before he finally managed to close the deal. He scooped his first bracelet and a more than welcome payout of $268,473.

The Final Standings

1st) Matt Grapenthien – $268,473

2nd) Todd Brunson – $165,891

3rd) James Obst – $103,895

4th) Ben Yu – $75,227

5th) Steve Landfish – $58,793

6th) Phil Hellmuth – $46,885

7th) Henrik Hecklen – $38,073

8th) Henry Orenstein – $31,419

9th) Jesse Martin – $26,299

10th) Richard Ashby – $26,299

Event #62 – $1,111 ‘Little One For One DropDay 1b – Karlic Leads

Day 1b of the ‘Little One For One Drop’ has also just finished up as it brought in a field around the 3,000 mark to bring a total for the event of 4,496. The true figures as to how many survived Day 1b are unknown as of yet but it is believed that there will be a total of 887 players will be returning for Day 2.

Gerald Karlic was the man that finished Day 1b with the chip lead having built up a chip count of 79,500.

The Current Standings

1st) Gerald Karlic – 79,500

2nd) Maurice Hawkins – 65,400

3rd) Heinz Kamutzki – 64,875

4th) Ray Henson – 64,675

5th) Rohan Jain – 62,425

6th) Laurent Polito – 59,850

7th) James Miller – 56,400

8th) Matt Glantz – 52,700

9th) Greg Jennings – 51,500

10th) Raymond Chen – 50,425

Event #63 – 6-Handed 10-Game Mix Day 2 – Suchanek Dominates

Day 2 of Event #63 was also completed not so long ago and it has brought us down to the final table of nine after the original field of 85 that returned were dramatically condensed. Leading the final table on Day 3 will be Jan Suchanek after a strong performance brought him 494,000 chips.

The Current Standings

1st) Jan Suchanek – 494,000

2nd) Bryn Kenney – 298,500

3rd) Andrey Zaichenko – 259,000

4th) Randy Ohel – 212,500

5th) Fabio Coppola – 212,000

6th) Daniel Zack – 205,000

7th) Michael Mixer – 172,000

8th) Haresh Thaker – 116,500

9th) David Blatte – 41,000

Event #64 – $10k PLO Championship Day 1 – Ruslan Early Leader

The penultimate event at the WSOP got underway yesterday with the $10k PLO. It attracted 418 top class players and saw them reduced to 132 after ten levels. Dykshteyn Ruslan finished the day with the chip lead but has the likes of Chance Kornuth, JC Tran and David Williams hot on his heels.

The Current Standings

1st) Dykshteyn Ruslan – 341,000

2nd) Chance Kornuth – 325,000

3rd) Michael Kamran – 272,000

4th) Miltiadis Kyriakides – 242,500

5th) Michal Maryška – 241,900

6th) JC Tran – 201,000

7th) Don Nguyen – 196,000

8th) Matt Kirk – 184,000

9th) Matt Stout – 158,000

10th) David Williams – 140,000