WSOP Main Event Tuesday 10th July 2012

The Day 2A and 2B Main event groups will play off today July 10th 2012 starting at 12 non at the WSOP, all players are playing for a share of the WSOP pot. Group 2C will play tomorrow on the 11th of July 2012 and after that all those left will finish the match on the 12th of July. Day 2A and 2B will both take place on Tuesday, July 10th, but the two groups will be playing in separate tournament rooms. Day 2C will take place on Wednesday, July 11th. All remaining players in the tournament after the three days will combine on Day 3, which will take place on Thursday, July 12th going on to the grand finish on the 16th July. Around 6500 are expected to be in the audience at the live event, whilst millions will be watching and enjoying the proceedings online.

Chip leads

On top of the list are Randy Haddox the US poker player with 188,275, followed by Erik Hellma, Swedenn with 175,950, Marco Bognanni, Italy with 169,600 and Daniel Morgan with 160,025 chips. In 5th place is Mathias Maasberg Germany with 159,150, 6th place Brandon Adams, US with 158,100 chips and Steve Yea, Korea with 157,175 chips in 7th place. Then in 8th place is Paul McTaggart, UK with 155,475 chips, 9th Asa Smith, UK with 148,475 and in 10th place Zennawi Petros, Canada 148,150 chips.

News updates

In the small hours of the night players vied against each other to take the lead and the chips. Matt Affleck started off the event on a good roll but as time went on his luck waned. Michael Mizrachi’s play was up and down and managed to have a 160,000 stack of chips at one point then finished with as little as 30,000 left on his chip slate. 3,418 players have been playing to get a seat in the last days of the Main Event. Total prize money is US$62,021,200 and will be shared out amongst 666 WSOP poker players. First prize winner will take a cool $8,527,982.home. Marco Bognanni from Italy slipped into the chip leaders’ roll call with 190,000 during the match but at the end of the day his chips had dropped right down about 15,000. Fans and players are anxiously awaiting official chip results. Kevin Mathers a well-known internet poker player has dropped out of the event right at the beginning of the 1C event. This has been a really disappointing situation for such a popular poker player.

World 2012 WSOP rankings

Current world rankings for the 2012 WSOP leads with US with just over $14 million; next in line are the UK poker players with $15 million. Canada is in third place with just over $9 million; Germany is in 4th place with nearly $3 million and France in 5th place ranking with 42.9 million odds.