WSOP – Money Rain And The First Tweets

dollar rain

You might have missed it, though you should be ashamed if you did, but the 2014 World Series of Poker got into full swing yesterday with the first two of a mammoth schedule of events kicking off. However, just before these started there was a very pleasant surprise for the players after cannons blasted $10k in money all over the room.

It began with the WSOP’s Ty Stewart, who is the Executive Director of the series taking to the microphone and asking if players liked free money. Seconds later the cannons went off and the players seemed to be in a bit of bewilderment before finally scrambling to secure as many of the notes as possible.

Stewart then continued with “This year we gotta be able to have fun”. He also claimed that there are going to be more surprises in store in the future when he said “There’s some more surprises coming,”
The excitement and anticipation for the series has been growing steadily over the past few months and the players have been quick to share their excitement through the use of Twitter.

One player who will not be taken part is Canadian player Jason Lavelle, simply as a stand against the 30% withholding tax that Canadian nationals have to pay the US government from any winnings.