WSOP National Championship: Day 2

The big event has seen just less than two full days of competition and there is a clear leader, with others very close behind. The first day of the national championship began with nearly all of the 100 WSOPC qualifiers showing up to play with hopes of securing their very own bracelet. Fifty seven WSOP POY qualifiers paid the $10,000 entrance fee to play in pursuit of a win. After a completed Day 1 of tournament play, Brian Rast led the pack with a total count of 248,000.

Rast does have some close competition with several contenders very close to him in chip count. Bertrand Grospellier has a count of 231,500 and Matt Keikoan has a total of 228,500. There are other several notable players still in the running as well. These include Eugene Katchalov, David Baker, Fabrice Soulier, Chris Moorman, Chris Tryba, and Sam Stein. All of these well known and notable players could potentially give Rast a run for his money in the upcoming rounds of competition.

There are also a number of WSOPC standouts that still remain in the field as well, every one of which is still hoping to gain the lead and walk with a bracelet. These include Aaron Massey, Drazen IIich, Ryan Eriquezzo, Amanda Musumeci, Chris Conrad, Huy Nguyen, Jacob Naquin, and Jaime Kerstetter. As for WSOPC Main Event champions, there are only two left still standing in the field of contenders. These two are Jerry Monroe and Eriquezzo. Both of these contenders are serious competition and could take the lead at any time.

The eliminations of contenders moved fairly quickly throughout the course of the day. What began with a total of 19 tables of players was very swiftly cut down to half of that by dinner break. At the end of the night, there were a total of only 5 tables left in play.

There were a number of notable and well known players that had paid their $10,000 buy in but did not make it through the day’s competition. Some of these players including Tristan Wade, David Sands, Michael Mizrachi, Christian Harder, Jeffrey Paploa, John Racener, Pius Heinz, Matt Glantz, Phil Hellmuth, and Allen Bari. Some of the WSOPC qualifiers that didn’t make it through the day included Alex Masek, Tripp Kirk, Kurt Jewell, Freddy Deeb, Kyle Cartwright, Tuan Phan, AP Phahurat, Drew Dumanski, Raj Kattamuri, Jennifer Parrish, Charles Moor, and Daniel Lowery.

The structure of the day followed the same as all other WSOPC Main events. There were 40 minute levels throughout all of Day 1. Levels bumped up to 60 minute intervals during play on Day 2. For Day 3, which is also the final day of play, levels will last a total of 75 minutes each.

For the rest of Day 2, the field of contenders will play down to a final table of just eight players. Out of these 8 final players, someone will walk away with a very enviable and well deserved bracelet.