WSOPE – Aguiar Finally Wins Bracelet

This event saw its way past countless arguments , a selection of floor rulings, an extension and many hours of heads up play to finally see Jonathan Aguiar pick up his first ever World Series Of Poker Europe bracelet.

The €10,450 Mix Max NLHE event awarded Aguiar €258,047 for his victory as well as that prestigious bracelet.

After winning Aguiar claimed that “This bracelet has been a long time coming, when you have played this game for so long, this is what you want from it eventually” he added that getting heads up for a bracelet does not happen many times in a poker players lifetime and when you are there you have to give everything that you have to take it.

A Very Long Road!

His road to the bracelet was the toughest one seen by any player in some time, not just because of the amount and quality of players he had to go up against but because of all the other problems that occurred in this event.

The event went on for much longer than it was meant to, the three day event eventually turning into a four day one. Plus he had a very long heads up session in the final that went on for more than6 hours which was already behind due to an even longer semi final encounter between Brandon Cantu and Roger Hairabedian. That semi final also included a selection of arguments and disagreements with the floor staff having to get involved on a few occasions.

Cantu did finally beat his French opponent only to go straight into the heads up final against Aguiar which meant he had been playing a total of 16 hours on that day. The casino had to end play at 5am due to the Main Event starting the following day with both players registered in the event.

The final was then postponed as they didn’t quite know when they would be able to fit it in. However as both players were eliminated on the first day of the Main Event it provided them with the perfect opportunity to finally get this event concluded.

The Final!

As it finally resumed the final saw Cantu with a slight lead over Aguiar but it didn’t take long for that to change. Aguiar took the lead and eventually all of the chips were in the middle with Aguiar holding the Ac-Kc and Cantu the 2d-2c. Aguiar won the coin-flip which left Cantu unhappy with the way the whole event was handled.

He claimed that he would have won had the organisers not postponed the event days later as Aguiar was tired.