WSOPE – Event 3 – Hairabedian Is First Frenchman To Win

It was always going to come eventually, yet as every WSOPE has slowly passed over the years the fact that a French player had never won an event there, especially considering that it is held in France came across as extremely puzzling.

It has taken six years to finally see it happen and the man who did it was Roger Hairabedian as he took down the World Series Of Poker Europe 2012 Event 3 PLO €5,300. By winning the event he took home a winner’s cheque of €142,590 which has brought his career earnings to date over the $3 million mark.

The final day started very much in the same vein as the previous one had ended, slow, strategic and tactical with not much really going on for the first hour. This was despite the fact that there were a few short stacks such as Jason Mercier and Michael Schwartz, yet even they were patiently waiting rather than risking it all.

First To Go!

The first elimination finally came when there was some three way action on a flop of 9s-9h-9d, with Jason Mercier, Michael Mizrachi and Jussi Nevanlinna all checking to the turn. It came as 10s with Mizrachi checking and Nevanlinna betting 12,500. Mercier called and Mizrachi then raised to 25k. Both of the remaining players called and the river came down as the 8d.

Nevanlinna pushed this time with a bet of 60k, Mercier thought about it and eventually made the call for all of his chips and Mizrachi begrudgingly folded.

Nevanlinna laid down the Ad-Kc-Jh-9c to show the nuts with quad nines, whilst Mercier had the very next best hand as he had two tens amongst his cards. It was not enough and Mercier was out of the tournament.

Run Down To The Final Two!

The next three players all left within a few minutes of each other as we had Michael Schwartz, Michel Abeccassis and Joe Hachem all heading to the rails. This left us with the final five though Hairabedian’s lead was now increasing.

Nevanlinna was out in fifth place after losing all chips to Mizrachi. Mizrachi however was the next player to go being dumped out by eventual winner Roger Hairabedian. This left us heads up between the Frenchman and Ville Matilla.

Hairabedian entered the heads up session with a two to one chip lead yet it still took a long time to finally grind down his opponent. He played patiently and picked his spots and eventually his opponent had nowhere to run.

Final Standings:

1. Roger Hairabedian – € 142,590

2. Ville Matilla – € 88,130

3. Michael Mizrachi – € 62,749

4. Jussi Ryynanen – € 45,58

5. Jussi Nevanlinna – € 33,765

6. Joe Hachem – € 25,490

7. Michel Abecassis – € 19,606

8. Michael Schwartz – € 15,357

9. Jason Mercier – € 12,245