WSOPE Event 4 – Rosadoni Takes Home Bracelet

Since the first Frenchman to win an event at the WSOPE ever Roger Hairabedian won Event 3 the other day, they already have the second French winner in as many days. The flood gates have now opened it seems and they are starting to make it look easy.

In Event 4 of the World Series Of Poker Europe €3250 NLHE Shootout event we saw amateur poker player Giovanni Rosadoni triumph over formidable poker professional Dan O’Brien.

This event was actually supposed to have been completed the day before, yet there just was not enough time and the two players had to come back yesterday just to finalise who was the champion. This is due to the nature of the shootout event, as the final two tables of players were all equal on chips having won their original tables.

This meant that those two tables took much longer to whittle down as everybody was on an equal footing. Additionally there were some very strong players taking part such as Matt Stout, Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, Faraz Jaka, Dominik Nitsche, Chance Kornuth and Mohsin Charania.

All of these players would eventually fall leaving a final table that included the obvious top two and John Monette, Valentin Messina, Oleksii Kovalchuk, John Duthie, Adrien Allen, Trond Aanensen, Paul Guichard and Roman Romanovskyi.

As the day was coming to an end, Dan O’Brien Held a 4-1 chip lead over his opponent, yet the Frenchman fought back well and actually held the chip lead coming into yesterday’s final session. Once it started it didn’t take long for him to push his own lead up to 5-1 in comparison to O’Brien’s stack yet this time it was his opponents turn to fight back.

He eventually did get back to even footing and almost had Rosadoni but was unable to finish him off. The final hand came when O’Brien pushed all in with the K-J right at the time Rosadoni held the pocket queens. The flop did give O’Brien hope when a jack came down, yet the rest of the community cards offered no improvement.

This made Rossadoni the champion, the bracelet holder and the worthy winner of €107,614. O’Brien walked away with €66,503for his troubles.

1. Giovanni Rosadoni, €107,614

2. Dan O’Brien, €66,503

3. John Monnette, €48,177

4. Oleksii Kovalchuk, €35,560

5. Adrien Allain, €26,724

6. Paul Guichard, €20,434

7. Roman Romanovskyi, €15,890

8. Trond Aanensen, €12,564


9. John Duthie, €10,095

10. Valentin Messina, €8239

With two more events having kicked off yesterday, we are in for plenty more excitement at this year’s WSOPE, so to keep up to date just make sure you keep coming back here.