WSOPE Main Event – Hellmuth Wins 13th Bracelet

Thursday saw the completion of the World Series Of Poker Europe Main Event, with the €10,450 NHLE event being won by Phil Hellmuth. It is now a record 13 WSOP bracelets for the veteran and a prize of €1,022,376.

Just around four months ago he won his 12th bracelet in the WSOP in Vegas to end a few years without one, he has now made it two in a year as he has taken down the Main Event in the European equivalent. By navigating his way to victory past 420 players he now becomes the first person ever to have won both the WSOP Main Event and the WSOPE Main Event.

He has had an excellent year at the WSOPE as he has now recorded four cashes in the tournament, with this win also putting him right at the top of the rankings in the World Series Of Poker Player Of The Year.

It wasn’t an easy win either as the final table was full of class poker players, yet Hellmuth had played well during the event and got there as the overwhelming chip leader.

The Final Table:

1 Paul Tedeschi 543,000

2 Joseph Cheong 1,966,000

3 Stephane Albertini 1,162,000

4 Christopher Brammer 851,000

5 Jason Mercier 652,000

6 Sergii Baranov 3,339,000

7 Phil Hellmuth 3,434,000

8 Stephane Girault 664,000

Jason Mercier was the short stack and was the first to be eliminated as his Ad-Qc came up against the Ah-Kc of Sergii Baranov in an all-in. He didn’t get lucky and was sent to the rail. Next to go was Stephane Girault who lost out to a rivered straight but Hellmuth.

The player who fell in 6th was Paul Tedeschi when his Ad-Jd didn’t strike lucky against the pocket queens of Cheong. Christopher Brammer was then unfortunate to lose with his Ah-Jh against the Kc-10c of Baranov and was eliminated in 5th place.

We then had a wait of nearly two hours before the next elimination with it being Cheong when it came, he lost when a straight from Baranov busted his As-Qc. Albertini finished in third, he was unlucky though as his pocket jacks had Hellmuth’s pocket sevens dominated, yet this was Hellmuth’s day as a seven landed on the river.

This left us heads up between Hellmuth and Baranov, with Hellmuth in a very aggressive mood, re-raising any bet that Baranov put in. The final hand saw Baranov push all-in with As-4c and Hellmuth called with the Ah-10d. An ace hit the board but nothing else was to help Baranov and Hellmuth took down his 13th bracelet.

Here are the final standings:

1st Phil Hellmuth €1,022,376

2nd Sergii Baranov €632,593

3rd Stephane Albertini €423,360

4th Joseph Cheong €292,320

5th Christopher Brammer €207,648

6th Paul Tedeschi €149,184

7th Stephane Girault €108,864

8th Jason Mercier€84,672