WSOPE – Mixed Max Final To Be Finished Today

After a 16 hour final day there was still no clear winner of the World Series of Poker Europe Mixed Max NLHE €10,450 over the weekend. Both Brandon Cantu and his opponent Jonathan Aguiar played heads up for nearly six hours in total on Saturday night and still couldn’t decide the event one way or the other, this led to organisers having to call an end to play at 5am.

This has led to problems with regards to when the remainder will be played out as both players have entered the Main Event. However, after both players entering and busting the Main Event, their HU battle will continue today.

It was quite a surprising situation when you realize that there were only four players left in the event on Saturday, with just two heads up semi finals and the final to play through. Yet although Aguiar won his semi final over Faraz Jaka within two hours it was the other semi final between Cantu and Roger Hairabedian taking eight hours that caused the initial problem.

Cantu Versus Hairabedian

This heads up match has now been recorded as one of the longest in the whole history of the WSOP; it ran for an astonishing eight long hours. It didn’t pass without any controversy either as both players was getting at each other the whole way through.

One incident incensed Cantu when Hairabedian wanted to change seats because he was too close to the railbirds. Up to that point Cantu had been leading and actually started to dominate his opponent, however after the seat change the momentum swung the other way. Then just to add to his anger Hairabedian later checked a hand and then denied it.

Hairabedian has already won an event this year at the WSOPE and was certainly gunning to become the first player to win two bracelets at a single World Series Of Poker Europe. It wasn’t to be though as Cantu finally eliminated him before stating that it was by far the hardest heads up match he had ever played in.

Hairabedian and the other semi final loser Jaka both took home €86,087 leaving the two finalists to battle it out for the title.

However, this was not a quick session either. They started at 11pm and were still not completed after six hours of play. They both swapped chips on many occasions and simply could not find a winner before the casino reached its cut off time at 5am. This has left everyone uncertain as to when this final will be completed with both players taking part in the Main Event.

Here Are The Current Chip Counts:

• Brandon Cantu: 1,520,000

• Jonathan Aguiar: 1,361,000