Your Chance To Beat Hansen Or Blom!

Think that you have the game to not only take on Gus Hansen and Viktor Blom, but beat them regularly too? Always wanted to be able to play a cash game against some of the best Pro’s in the business but have never been able have the sort of stakes that they play at? Well Full Tilt Poker is now giving you the chance to realise both of those dreams.

They have decided to give regular players that simply do not and probably will never have the sort of stakes to be able to challenge “The Professionals” a way of doing just that. They will be setting up some special tables at lower stakes, with these tables being known as challenge tables. The tables will either be called Gus Hansen’s or isildur1’s table and will have one seat that is always reserved for the player in question to make a visit and play against some lower stakes players.

Two or three times a week Gus and Viktor will take their seats at the particular table and spend a certain amount of time mixing it with their fans.

Due to both players liking to switch up their games, these tables will often change the variation of poker that is being held at the table. These variations could be anything from Texas Holdem, Omaha, Razz and Stud, whist there will also be times when mixed games are held on the tables.

Also, if you play against either of the players for more than ten minutes, you will be given a free ticket which has a value of fifty big blinds on a No Limit game or twenty big blinds at Limit Tables. There is also an additional ticket to be won too, by the player who wins the most qualifying hands during a session when either “Professional” is sat at the table. That ticket will be of the same value as the ticket given to each player who plays for ten minutes or more.

For a winning hand to qualify, it has to be against one of the “Professionals” with the hand getting all of the way to showdown, so in essence whoever wins the most hands against the Pro will win the additional ticket.

Something tells us that these tables will now be the most popular on Full Tilt with very long waiting lists; however, being able to tell your friends that you have once beaten either Viktor or Gus in a hand of poker is surely well worth the wait.