“Zábry” Tops Huge Field in PokerStars Sunday Million

shutterstock_38201701This week’s Sunday Million saw the first time in 2013 that more than 8,000 players would ante up for online poker’s biggest weekly tournament. Even with the large field of 8,024, play took less than 13 hours before everything would be said and done. With only 1,170 getting a share of the over $1.6 million prize pool, play would be furious as opponents worked to build up healthy chip stacks.

For Team PokerStars, it was a better than average week as three of their own made it into the money. Marcel Luske followed his cash last week with a 675th place finish this week, good enough for $449 in winnings. While Eugene Katchalov barely eked his way into the money in 850th place, fellow Team Pro Liv Boeree made a deep run despite the disadvantage of playing on a mobile phone instead of a normal computer. As the final table got closer and closer, Boeree hung on with a relatively short stack and made her final stand with AcTc. Her opponent, “BabyGrand,” held KcQc and got a bit lucky with a Queen on the flop and a turned straight to send Boeree packing.

More fortunate were the players that made it to the final table, although the chip stacks were heavily skewed towards two of the competitors.

Final Table Starting Chip Stacks

“Carsandi” – 17,908,609

“whitey714” – 17,085,094

Johnny Josephy – “BabyGrand” – 11,963,418

“DieselBossen” – 7,948,314

“Zábry” – 7,256,926

“saken75” – 5,584,712

“t6rdur” – 5,394,583

“timmybwee” – 4,792,052

“iamtheboss12” – 2,306,292

Of course, as anyone who follows online poker knows, having a big chip lead at the final table does not guarantee a victory and such would be the case this week. Action moved quickly, with the only pauses coming for players to discuss a potential deal. Although there was a decent amount of deal discussion, it would not be until three players were eliminated that a final accord would be struck. With a substantial amount of chips, “Carsandi” took the lion’s share, even though he would hit the rail in fifth place.

After the deal was made, chips started flying and players were eliminated rapidly, leaving only “Zábry” and “t6rdur” to battle it out. With a more than 4:1 chip lead, the final hand was not long in coming. “Zábry” raised preflop to put his opponent all in with Ks6c and “t6rdur” made the pot odds call holding Qd4d. The flop brought a king and “t6rdur” was unable to catch running miracle cards to stay in the hunt.

Sunday Million Final Results

“Zábry” – $151,644.65

“t6rdur” – $103,062.00

“whitey714” – $71,436.75

“timmybwee” – $115,710.18

“Carsandi” – $195,810.13

“BabyGrand” – $93,166.53

“DieselBossen” – $32,096.00

“iamtheboss12” – $18,455.20

“saken75” – $12,437.20

The Sunday Million continues to be a success week after week and the consistently huge player fields are simply amazing. With the 7th anniversary of the Sunday Million coming up in just two short weeks, players are already looking towards the guaranteed $7 million prize pool and formulating a plan for claiming a part of it as their own.