Zoom Poker Tournaments Launched On PokerStars

If you are a regular player on PokerStars, you may have already been taking part in the Zoom cash games that have been available for about a year on the site. Whilst the players have enjoyed those games, they have always wanted to see PokerStars extend Zoom to other formats.

Well, PokerStars did announce that Zoom will be coming to tournaments on the site in the near future a little while back but didn’t set a date on when that would be happening. However, if you were not too hung over to be playing on New Year’s Day, you may have noticed that they slipped a few of the tournaments in.

The tournaments were still in Beta phase, with PokerStars obviously wanting to test them out first and foremost before making them a permanent fixture. However, if they wanted to test the water to see if they would prove popular, they would have quickly seen that they did.

What Is Zoom?

Zoom is a method of speeding up each hand that you play, as soon as you fold you are moved to another table against other opponents where you are instantly involved in the hand. This means that whereas in the past you were to fold a hand pre-flop, you would then have to wait for that hand to be played out to completion before you could get involved again.

In this format, you are constantly playing, you fold and then get moved into another hand on another table to decide if you want to play or fold again. It is a favourite of players that get bored easily and want to see some action at all times.

It has been on the cash games at PokerStars for some time now and had been a real success, with players able to play more hands per hour. Whilst, this format may not be everyone’s cup of tea, such as players that like to analyse their opponents and get used to how they play, for the pure gamblers that like to play fast running poker this has proven to be a huge success.

PokerStars are still yet to comment on how many Zoom tournaments will be available on a daily basis as of yet, whilst they have still not confirmed when the beta phase will come to an end and the tournaments will become a permanent fixture.

It will dramatically speed up tournaments on the site, with many of them taking many hours to be completed. As soon as we know any more about when and how many tournaments will be including Zoom, we will be sure to let you know.